Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Goddamn Particle !

Science is a rational and methodological approach to study the universe. Mythical stories and blind believes are of no importance in the scientific progress. It progresses through the analysis of theories, counter theories and proofs. So it is not a wonder if one gets surprised when he/she hear “Scientists invented God Particle!. The so called tag of God has invoked hell a lot of misconceptions among the layman.
The subatomic fundamental particle Higgs Boson (named after Peter Higgs and Indian scientist S.N Bose), for which its existence has not been proved unambiguously, is known as the “God particle” .  It is  the Nobel Laureate Leon Lederman who coined  it in his book titled “The God Particle- If Universe Is The Answer, What Is The Question”.  Initially he decided to give the name “Goddamn particle”, which he found more appropriate,  but the publisher was not agreeing on that. So that was a commercial name (!) for the publicity of the book. Peter Higgs himself told “it has nothing to do with God, but I can understand why people go that way because it is so important to our understanding of nature”.
The experimental proof of its (Higgs Boson) existence has a major impact in particle physics and cosmology. The existence and non existence will result the validation or rejection ( a kind of) of The Standard Model of particle physics.  That may encouraged  Leon Lederman  to give such name. Otherwise it has no connection with GOD or SATAN !. 

The standard model deals with the fundamental particles and forces in the universe.  It contains 6 quarks, 6 leptons (eg. electron) and four gauge bosons (force carriers eg. photon) and studies about their interactions.  It had flourished after the unification of electromagnetic and weak forces (1968). Out of the 4 gauge bosons W and Z bosons are massive particle. But adding a rest mass to them violates some basic laws ( gauge invariance). One solution was the introduction of Higgs mechanism in which the particle interacts with Higgs field and gains the mass. The quantization of Higgs field results the Higgs Boson. W and Z bosons have been detected experimentally in1983.  The ambiguity was about Higgs Boson.  For its detection, scientists initiated big experiments like ATLAS and CMS in the Large Hadron Collider. The experiments involve  collision between  high energy proton beams. In 2012 April they achieved individual beam energy as 4 TeV resulting a collisional energy of 8 TeV. By 2014 they are planning to increase it up to 7 TeV for individual beams and 14 TeV for the collision.

ON July 4, 2012 they have announced about the detection of a particle with mass 126GeV in 5 sigma confidence level (99.999%).  This is  most likely to be the Higgs Boson. But the more detailed conformation has not come yet. If it is Higgs, this will be the greatest victory of Standard Model. If it is not, something more exotic is waiting to be revealed.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Democracy Hunts the Green !

Kill kill and kill
The nation is supposed to be proud for the
The states triumph over the people.
It took their land,
Destroyed their lives ,
Grabbed  the farmer’s fields and
Gave to the MNC hands.
When we, the people protest
You talk of Gandism
And when  state act
It is  like
Hitler, Mussolini, Bush…
In the AC rooms ,
State talks about freedom.
In the forest,
It acts as weapon.
Kill kill kill again
Kill your own people
Who lacks lands
Who lost lives..
Who dont know the
Elegant Gandhian protest
(how one fast when he has nothing to eat)
Kill the poor, miserables, dalits
Kill all who disturbs your comforts
And ask the middle class
To proud of our democracy.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thank you Manmoham! for India’s globalized poverty

Dear Manmohan Singh,
You will be one of the prime ministers who is remembered by his people all along. Infact how can we forget a minister like you who is trying to make our lives more miserable?
In the early 90s you have given us some fascinating dreams in the name of liberalization, privatization and  glottalization (LPG). Your economic wizards told the public “look, we are going to be global; all of us will get job and we can enjoy the global quality products”.  Indian democracy easily adopted the idea of market economy  designed by the capitalistic forces. You have opened our socio-economic system to the global market .
You told  that the customer will be benefited by the competition between the markets. We, the people didn’t had any strength to fight with the global market.   (How a chai wala can compete with McDonald’s ?)  Our small scale industries, day by day got weakened and are at the verge of extinction. Still you made us happy by saying “see how many got the job!”. You made us selfish. We never thought  if 10 of the people got employed, 100s lost their income due to the perish of local industry.
You have privatized  everything. Education, health, electricity, water, roads and what else?  Every government after your famous economic minister ship, followed your path explicitly. The BJP government crossed record on selling the government shares on public sector. They sold VSNL to Tata, privatized the higher education.
 You told us fall of  value of Indian rupee will bring more foreign investment.  Now its value is decided by the inverters! We lost our ethnicity.  You gave a dream of varieties.  But now it is monotonous. Cochin seems similar to Mumbai, Banglore or Ahmedabad.  Every where you go there are same malls, Mc Donalds, multiplexes ; same food, same language and same culture.
By cheap labor you gave jobs to some of them and took back the money through the corporate shops.  You stopped the money flow to the bottom and increased the poverty. More over you made a country where people will not react seriously. You are successful on keeping them asleep. In your ten years of ruling , the farmers have no increase in their income, teachers and government employees have a little increase and small scale  industries and their employees are in the question of survival. (You could maintain the GDP by making new Tatas and Ambanis  ). According to the interest of oil companies you increased the price of petrol. From an initial value of  RS 37 to present price of 75 and  still counting !.
  You made this country a heaven for the exploiting class and hell for the working class.  You should know that there is a braking point at which people will wake up. It is not that far.  Now we know that you and your party people are working for corporate.  The time and people of India will never forgive you for this.
With voice of protest,
A common man.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Koodamkulam project

 "  They are saying, sacrifices are necessary for development. Our question is that whose sacrifice and who will be developed."""  
  Stop the Koodamkulam project. People's lives are more important than foreign investments. How India, a country which cannot assure the road safety, can be expected to provide a safe nuclear power. We have seen the horrible situation of Japan, a country which is said to be technologically sound, at the time of 2010 Tsunami. After which, many countries like France, started shutting down the nuclear power plants. On what cause they are expecting this (Koodamkulam)  to be stable!

Identity politics and class struggle

Even though its cause and existence are highly justifiable, identity politics has its own limitation. The issues of a high societal women and a low class women are not same. Caste or other social marginalization will be thrown away only when there is a classless society. One should link the identity struggle to a universal class struggle for the revolutionary changes in the system. Capitalism ( which is thought to be against these marginalization) today is in a deep love with the existing feudalism. It found a best way to grow using feudal relationships. So the abolition of both is needed to change the system.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The politics of "Nudity"

 Nudity is of interest of mankind from times after they have started dressing up! We can see the influence of nudity right from the oldest literature and art forms. Portraying nudity is one of all time favorite  of painters, photographers and cinematographers. Nudity, especially that of women, has an international market value and hence is an economic commodity. Even though nudism is accepted in some part of the world, it is an internationally prohibited activity by the societies.

 There are incidents in the history that the naked women body becoming a political issue. All over the world there were many nude protests against war, sex tourism, bullfighting etc. In India in Manipur many women protested accusing mass rape of Indian army over there.  In Kerala, India, there were political protests by low cast women called "chest covering revolt". It was for their right to cover the chest since it was banned by the upper casts (early 20th sanctuary ). Now the ongoing fight in Islamic countries is the opposite, to uncover the body.

 Aliya Magda El-Mahdi  a 20-year-old student of journalism at Cairo’s American University, who describes herself as a secularized liberal feminist, an individualist and a vegan, posted nude photos of herself and her boyfriend. She said she was protesting against social inequality, Islamic censorship, racism, gender discrimination and sexual harassment.

Her description in the blog is as follows

"Put on trial the artists' models who posed nude for art schools until the early 70s, hide the art books and destroy the nude statues of antiquity, then undress and stand before a mirror and burn your bodies that you despise to forever rid yourselves of your sexual hangups before you direct your humiliation and chauvinism and dare to try to deny me my freedom of expression" 

You can see the blog here
 Now the question is that what is forcing her to pose herself undressed before the world. Is it only for the publicity?Does she really intend to free the women from religious fanaticism? Or if she is just a stupid teenager girl who don't know the seriousness of the issue?

 The last comment can be easily falsified if you look at her previous posts. Now the thing is publicity. One can go up to any extent to get publicity. But the question is that on the cost of what? Here her life has become insecure because of her action. We will not be surprised tomorrow by hearing the news of assassination of Aliya. Religious fanaticism is proliferating  like anything nowadays. So we can't say its a mere publicity show.

 Protests against Burqa have a long years of history. Burqa is now become a symbol of marginalization of women by religion and societies. Stagnant nature of orthodox religions abandons the reforms in the societies. Its not solely about about "Islam" (even though the present issue is) but rather an orthodox society. Burqa may be suitable for the climate of Arab countries, but mimicking the same in all other climates is a stupidity. Moreover it spreads a wrong message that exhibiting a women's body, even face!, is one of the greatest sin.  This is a rule of male dominant society not of a religion.

 Thus the nudism by Aliya is not for the sake of nudism but clearly is a protest against the orthodox community , a call from the Areb female world for the freedom of expression and a voice of oppressed against the pseudo moral people. Some people's opinion is that the way of protesting is unacceptable. But if she had protested with a mere placard we would not have informed about such a protest. And moreover what elegant way of protest you expect from a community which is being marginalized right from the known history.  For their voice to be heard to the outside world, it should be loud enough. That is what Aliya did. She utilized the emotional weakness of people (regarding nudity) to popularize her struggle. That is the need of time. And in maximum discussion it is not her body that being discussed, but the issue of freedom of expression.

 I appreciate Aliya for the courage she has shown.  She showed that nudity is also a political weapon. It can shake the pillars of the pseudo morality and religious hypocrisy. Its a beginning. The struggle (not the nudism) should spread the dark corners of society for a better social condition.   


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Please stop Ati-Tamil campaign in Mullaperiyar issue. I will stand for Kerala people's right to live as well as Tamil people's right to get water. This panic should be ended soon. Stop treating it as a language issue. Can't we discuss in a humanitarian perspective? Assure the life and the water for the people of different states of my motherland.